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South County Realtors Alliance 

2020 Scholarship Application is now Available!

2020 Scholarship application

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South County Realtor Alliance

2016 Scholarship Awards



Madison Bleeg, Gianfranco Filice, Brianna Havens, Emerson Neet, Karly Rebozzi, Llfen Shi (Jesse Calderon & Sofia Magana not in picture above), along with 2016 SCRA President, Ryan Mull & Vice President Linda Zimmer





Thank You from some of our SCRA Scholarship Recipients

Hello Mrs. Miller,

               Thank you again for your generosity last year in rewarding me with a scholarship. I am glad to hear that more students will be supported this upcoming year, as I know how much the scholarship has helped me this year! This past year has been amazing and life changing for me. I cannot believe that I am almost done with my Freshman year at Cal Poly, and it feels like just yesterday that I was attending my high school graduation. 

               In this past year, I have been successful in my classes and have fallen in love with my major of Environmental Management and Protection. I am excited to be able to come back next year and discover even more about the interesting topics within this subject. My courses have been fascinating and challenging, but I leave each class wanting to come back and learn more.  I feel truly grateful that I am able to attend such an amazing school, and I wake up every morning feeling fortunate that I am able to learn more in this beautiful place. 

               In the beginning of this year, not knowing anyone was a frightening experience and I thought that I would never find my way here at Cal Poly. But, to my surprise, I fit in perfectly and found my way in only a few short weeks. I have joined clubs and organizations that will help me succeed in college and my career in the future, such as the Association of Environmental Professionals. I have made many friends and have grown as a adult and a person. I have learned how hard one has to work in college to obtain good grades, and have a new appreciation for the library, as I have spent many hours studying within its walls throughout this past year. Overall, through the hard work and new experiences, this past year has changed me for the better and has morphed me into someone who is not afraid to ask questions and work hard to achieve success.  I hope that all is well and I truly appreciate the scholarship that I received last year.                                                              Jacqueline Protsman [Live Oak High School 2012]



My first two years of college have been the best experience of my life. There are not enough words to describe how lucky I am to be able to experience the whole college thing. I still attend Chico State University and love it more and more every day. I have met some of the best friends and have learned so much academically. My major that I plan to graduate with is Recreation Administration with an emphasis in community/commercial and event management. I still thank you very much for providing a scholarship to my college experience.                                        Brittney Lomanto [Live Oak High School 2011]


               College, thus far, has been a wild ride. From spending my first week calling home every day, to my (now) last week looking through pictures of the past year with my friends, I can't even begin to imagine how much better my experience could have been. 

               I thought I had a cool life before I came to Cal Poly, but I have made some memories here that, as cheesy as it sounds, will last a lifetime.

               From paintballing with my orientation group, to feeding seals straight out of my hands, to spending day after day from one cool coffee shop to another, to day-tripping on the weekends to the beach with some unbelievable friends, to simply always coming home to my friends in my room (yes that does happen, every single day, actually), my freshman year has been absolutely incredible. A friend of mine said, the other day, "I can't believe I spent 18 whole years without all this". And, simple as it sounds, neither can I. 

               I feel so blessed to have this opportunity, to be at Cal Poly, to be on my own, learning who I am, one day after another. Though I often miss the comfort (and food) of home, I'm a week and a half away from moving out of my dorm, and already feeling nostalgic every single day leading up to the end of my freshman year. I have made more friendships than I can count, with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. I've made friends from Washington, Nevada, Massachusetts, even England - and though the year is not yet out, I am already looking forward to the memories that my next (hopefully three) years will bring me.

               I thank the Realtor's Alliance for helping me further pursue my goals, and rest assured, I've thought about changing my relationship status on Facebook to "in a relationship with Robert E. Kennedy", and, yes, that is the name of the on-campus library: where I spend AT LEAST 25-35 hours a week. The scholarship I have been given has allowed me to reach toward not only my social goals, but, most importantly, my academic endeavors. 

               I am excited for your upcoming award recipients - they've got no idea what is coming for them! Congratulations to them for all their current and future goals, I hope they find as much joy as I have in their coming years.   Thanks again for everything,         Sara Reichel [ Monte Vista High School 2012]


“…my most sincere thanks…This scholarship will, without doubt, assist me towards my future endeavors as a doctor.  I ensure you that I will try my hardest in every aspect of my life, academic or otherwise….” 

 Gregory Wong, LOHS (attending UCLA cardio-thoracic surgeon) 

“…once I am a surgeon, I plan to establish my own scholarship program to help aspiring students….” Oliver Drewry, Attending UCLA to become a surgeon


“After looking at all the students who were being interviewed, I thought I didn’t have a chance.  I promise that you made a good choice!” says Manuel Avina, LOHS attending UCSD to become an environmental engineer

“…I will not forget who helped me….Thank you for allowing me to pursue my dreams, and trust me when I say that you will never regret this decision!” Doris Romero, LOHS, attending UCLA to become a pediatrician



If you are interested in finding out more about our scholarship program please email our SCRA Scholarship Chair at: